Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random acts of floral kindness

Our supplier sent us an extra box of roses by mistake. That sounds wonderful, but we have more flowers coming in and we won't have room to close the cooler doors soon!

We sent out an email inviting you to stop in and pick up a wrapped dozen roses to give away as you saw fit. Give one to a Mom who's away from her kids, show a teacher your appreciation or just lift someone's spirits. We know you are wonderful and caring people and you will help us shower our community with love!

The fine print: we need to send these out by Wednesday, so please stop in today (5/5) or tomorrow(5/6). We do have a limited supply, so when they are gone, they are gone... and we will have a LOT of happy people around us!

Practice a random act of kindness today, then tell us about it by leaving a comment here or on our facebook page. Thanks... we appreciate you!


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